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Video Of Lavar Burton Reading 'Goodnight Moon' To Neil DeGrasse Tyson Is Giving Us All The Feels

Reading and rainbows, separately, didn't really appeal to me that much as a young boy. Like a lot of my friends my age, I was obsessed with trying to watch rated-R movies packed with as much violence as possible and wearing T-shirts with skulls on them. Because obviously that's cool. Getting me to read a book? Good luck. Forcing me to rock a T-shirt with a colorful rainbow on it? Fat chance.

But for some reason, when Reading Rainbow popped up on the TV, I was hooked. And I attribute my enchantment to the magical Levar Burton. I mean just look at this dude making a library cool.


There's something to be said of a person that takes "unsexy" stuff and makes them palatable to the public. And just like Burton, Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson has done the same, but with science.


So when fellow of champion of intellectual enrichment, NGD, expressed to the Twitter-sphere that he wished someone would read the classic children's story, Goodnight Moon to him, it opened up a very awesome prospect that we all should have seen coming.

And although it took a few months, Burton decided to reach out to NGD and set up one of the most epic readings of Goodnight Moon, ever.

And yes, Tyson does take a nap. Incredible.