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Bakery Creates Cakes With Poppable Pimples, And It's All Too Real

There's a huge demographic of people who quietly suffer with a gross obsession: and that's pimple popping.

Don't believe me? Look, the fact that there's a YouTube account called Dr. Pimple Popper that has tens of millions of views should be indication enough of our society's gross obsession with puss.

But I'll spare you the ooze-tastic, cyst-cutting footage from the good doctor's archives and instead focus on a bakery trend that handles our nasty love for everything zit... And that's poppable pimple cakes.

This Malaysian bakery, The Cakescape, decided to take the pimple-popping up a notch by creating these full-sized pizza-faced cakes packed with ooey-gooey zits you can squeeze before biting into.

The attention to detail is pretty impressive:

Now if you're thinking that there's no way anyone would custom order a face-popping-pimple cake, Mashable found out from the baker that they've received over 20 orders for the things in the past year, and they're becoming even more in demand.

Apparently they're a huge hit for special events due to the shock factor. I personally think it'd be a great, "welcome to puberty!" cake, if everyone threw more of those parties more often. Which we totally should start doing as a society.

If only for another excuse to squeeze one of these sweet blackheads.