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David Letterman Returns To Late Night, And Clears The Air About That Horse Story

David Letterman Returns To Late Night, And Clears The Air About That Horse Story
7 months ago

Jimmy Kimmel is visiting Brooklyn with his show, and invited another famed late night host to visit him Tuesday night. David Letterman and his glorious retirement beard plopped down on Kimmel's couch to talk show biz and say hello to his old band leader, Paul Shaffer. Letterman has a lot going on, but the biggest story of the interview was his inadvertent gift of a horse to Conan O'Brien. Or so he says.

There has been a rumor circulating about Letterman giving O'Brien a horse, or more accurately, sending him one. Letterman admits he had an equine delivered to O'Brien back when he was given a job as a host for the Tonight Show. He called it a "f***king show business gift." That's show business!

But the horse was an animal generally used for Hollywood shoots, meaning it's a rental. Letterman expected the horse would show up, everyone would have a good laugh, and then it would go back to horse storage. Nope.

Conan's wife is apparently an avid equestrian, and decided to keep the animal. But it's not really rideable. I guess all the back and forth of being a rental horse doesn't make it particularly compliant.

"It was a joke: Take a dump on the stage, load him up, send him back," Letterman said. "Conan will not shut up about the horse. The horse has gone crazy. Maybe it's from being around Conan all day… So now he's complaining, and there may be litigation, and maybe I'll get a call from PETA. And [the horse] apparently broke into Conan's mansion."

This is a questionable story for a lot of reasons, but it seems like people were still thrilled to see Letterman back on late night, even as just a guest:

Um, watch your mouth. No one is Beyoncé except Beyoncé, buddy.