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Hillary Clinton Explains How She Deals With Trump's Tweets, And We're Taking Note

Hillary Clinton Explains How She Deals With Trump's Tweets, And We're Taking Note
7 months ago

Donald Trump's made himself a lot of enemies over the last few decades of his life, even more so after he became President of the United States. He's currently rocking one of the lowest Presidential approval ratings of all time and it looks like it's not going to get better any time soon.

But if there's one person who's got a sore spot for Trump more than anyone else, it's probably Hillary Clinton.

The former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic nominee knows a thing or two about dealing with Trump and his vitriolic means of self-promotion - she experienced it first hand.

Despite winning the election, bashing Clinton is still a huge part of Trump's political strategy. Hillary bears the brunt of a lot of these online attacks.

Sometimes, she responds. 

But on a recent appearance on The Graham Norton show, Hillary revealed yet another strategy she's devised for dealing with Trump.

For the most part: she ignores him and his tweets.

"I ignore a lot of them because there are so may. You could not respond to all of them. But I do respond when I think what he has said is hurtful and unfair, and really causing problems for people." 

The response to Hillary's clapback to Trump's tweet by suggesting he read a children's book was well-received by many and put the brash president in his place. 

Some might argue that she ignored a little too much on the election trail and should've shown a heightened level of savagery. Maybe then she would've been in the White House. For now though, we'll have to suffer a little longer while Trump continues to commit embarrassing gaffes such as this