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20 Ways People Used To Have Fun

Quick! Name all your favorite activities. 

I'm going to go out a limb here and guess that most of them take place indoors. I'm not judging you. I get it. I just bring it up because it seems like that's where we used to have a 90-10 split between outdoor fun and indoor fun and now the opposite is true. 

If you're wondering how such a thing was possible, take a look. 

1. Minor vandalism.
Please keep off the ass, January 1950 from TheWayWeWere
2. Running through the sand dunes.
Teenagers playing on large white sand dunes in New Mexico, 1957. from TheWayWeWere
3. Hanging out in the school parking lot.
Girls in the parking lot at school. 1970. from TheWayWeWere
4. Going to the beach.
My mother, Hawaii, 1941. Today is her 96th birthday. from TheWayWeWere
5. Racing each other with ridiculous haircuts.
The coach and a few of the members of the Texas Track Club of Abilene, 1964 from TheWayWeWere
6. Spending the day at Coney Island
Coney Island , 1950s from TheWayWeWere
7. Playing with ducks.
Two young ladies let their pet ducklings take a swim in a horse watering trough, Washington, D.C. 1927 from TheWayWeWere
8. Chatting on the phone.
A little girl having fun pretending to talk on the telephone, Japan 1958 from TheWayWeWere
9. Rolling on the beach.
This isn't as bad as it looks - we were rolling, 1940s from TheWayWeWere
10. Going to dances.
Going to the dance.... 70's style from TheWayWeWere
11. Making music.
Watching dad play piano (1972) from TheWayWeWere
12. Playing in the creek.
Two children on a bank in Alabama, 1956 from TheWayWeWere
13. Hanging out by the old general store.
Outside a grocery store in Vancouver (1960) from TheWayWeWere
14. Spending the day with your friends at the beach.
Friends at the beach (1930s) from TheWayWeWere
15. Playing dress up.
When my wife was a little girl, a guy had a business where he went around door-to-door with a pony, some western outfits and a camera to take portraits of kids in the neighborhood [Carpinteria, CA, 1968] from TheWayWeWere
16. Having a quick snack.
Enjoying some ice cream on King’s Road, London (August 1967) from TheWayWeWere
17. Of course, prom was always a big thing.
Pre-prom picture (1961) from TheWayWeWere
18. A fun day at the zoo.
Boys in their school uniforms pose with king penguins at the London Zoo (1953) from TheWayWeWere
19. Making new friends.
Young girl shows off her pet toad at the fair, 1936. from TheWayWeWere
20. Getting drunk was always a popular pass time.
When the women out-drank the men (1960) from TheWayWeWere