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Trump Calls Meeting With GOP A 'Love Fest' And The Jokes Came Rolling In

President Donald Trump has been gradually losing the support of a number of Republican senators, even taking to Twitter to attack them. Last week, John McCain of Arizona slammed "half-baked" nationalism in a speech that Trump seemed to take personally

While this week, Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona announced his retirement, saying that President Trump was "undermining our democratic norms and ideals." Meanwhile, Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee accused the president of lying in a series of television interviews. 

The Republicans hold the senate by a slim majority, meaning that President Trump's feuds could seriously hamper his efforts. That means Trump's latest weekly lunch with senators on Tuesday was especially important, and it was rather uneventful according to some reports. President Trump even took to Twitter to describe the meeting as a "love fest." 

You can probably imagine how Twitter reacted to that bizarre description. 

It's a love fest, people.