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Broad City
'Broad City' Celebrates Halloween By Giving Twitter Shoutouts To Some of Our Favorite 'Powerful Witches'

Broad City is finally back, and its leaning into the season for promotional purposes. It's almost Halloween! That makes everyone think of pumpkins, candy, and witches. Ilana and Abbi started conjuring up some of their favorite "witches" on Twitter, opening with supreme queen Dolly Parton:

It's kind of popular right now to call women witches as a compliment, though one does wonder how people like Senator Warren and Malala Yousafzai feel about the word. But overall, this is a great list of awesome women who are powerful, strong, cool, and changing the world in many different ways. Ilana and Abbi just want to give them a shout out, let them know they're loved, and demand that the world bow down to their power:

And of all those women, at least one replied. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, you are such a witch!