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Kensington Palace
Prince Harry And Michelle Obama Surprise Chicago Students--And Their Faces Say Everything

Former First Lady Michelle Obama and British royal Prince Harry paid a surprise visit to Chicago's Hyde Park Academy on Tuesday. Some 20 students were surprised by the visit, with Michelle and Harry discussing the impact young people can make on the world.

And it's fair to say that the kids were pretty excited by the visit. 

Harry was already in town for the first Obama center leadership summit. More than 500 people, described as thought leaders and problem solvers, gathered on the Southside of Chicago on Tuesday for the summit. 

As he opened the main session, former President Barack Obama said:

“Our goal is not to present some fixed theory of how change happens. Our goal in this session is not to pump you with a whole bunch of PowerPoints, data and information or a blueprint for how you can go back and do what you’re doing even better."
"In many ways, we want to learn from you. In other words, this is a big brainstorming session, it’s a big hackathon." 

When Prince Harry was on stage at the conference, he shared how young people had inspired him:

“The younger generation of this world has made me an optimist,” he said. "What kind of a world are we going to end up being part of if we don't listen to the younger generation?" 

That's quite a surprise.