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Chrissy Teigen Discovers Bizarre 'Feature' In iPhone Photo Galleries--And We're Befuddled

Computer algorithms are getting very, very complex.

So complex, it seems, that they're now able to successfully identify boob pics in your phone's photo gallery.

Don't believe me? Well if you've got an iPhone, try this out.

Chrissy Teigen did, and she was shocked at what she found.

That's right. Every boob and cleavage shot popped right up in her phone.  And if you've got booby pics in your iPhone, well, the same should happen for you.

Nomenclature is very important when searching through photos, for some reason. There are some other obvious search engine phrases that your iPhone will understand.

People started trying it out and to say they were shook would be an understatement.

Like, they were seriously creeped out.

Some are worried about our impending robot overlords lusting after our sexts.

Others were impressed by the person who discovered that "brassiere" was the secret word to unlock the boob pictures in someone's photo gallery.

Others don't think it's that big of a deal and we're all just taking this search engine functionality a little too seriously.

For some people, the brassiere search yielded some interesting results.

Some think the whole thing is just a wee bit sexist.

Some of the searches were unintentionally hilarious.

But others were just precious.