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Donald Trump's Face Has Been Found In A Dog's Ear, And Twitter Is Freaking Out

When you read the words "Trump's face found in a dog's ear," you might be skeptical. How many people have claimed to see Jesus in a piece of burnt toast, or Abraham Lincoln in an oil spill? It's like looking up at the clouds and dreaming of all the different animal shapes bouncing around the sky. It helps to be a little high, and everyone sees something different.

This is not true of this dog's ear. This dog's ear basically has a replica of Donald Trump inside it, and it's terrifying:

Horrified? You're not alone. People come to the Twitter account "Faces In things" to see faces in things, but no one was prepared for how accurate this face in this thing was. 

Look at this freak out:

Very scary that there are Trumps lurking everywhere, even in the cartilage of man's best friend. 

Also this:

Can you imagine having Trump in your ear? It's bad enough having him on Twitter.