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Elderly Man Injured After Feeding Angry Kangaroo Toast, And We've All Learned A Valuable Lesson

Kangaroos can be absolutely vicious. While they usually only attack because they need food or out of self defense, they pack some serious muscle and their kicks and punches can be deadly. 

There have been a number of kangaroo attacks in the past, with at least one fatal attack in 1936 when a hunter was killed trying to rescue his two dogs. 

Yes, they may be cute, but they're still wild animals.  

An 80-year-old man from Bendalong, Australia, is learning this the hard way after he suffered multiple cuts to his lower legs in the attack while feeding a local kangaroo a piece of toast. 


The man, who fed local kangaroos every morning, was treated at the scene and sent to Milton Ulladulla Hospital.  

The kangaroo continued to hang out nearby while this all went down. 


Rob Hilliar, an attending paramedic, said: 

"He’s a lovely bloke who spoils them a little, feeding them jam and cream on toast."
"On this occasion one of the roos was in a bad mood and pushed him over." 

NSW Ambulance service have dealt with 38 incidents involving kangaroos between August and October this year. 

Most involved collisions with vehicles.   

They're not just cute animals, people!