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School Offers Students Bulletproof Inserts For Their Backpacks--And This Is Not Okay

Hey want to know if America has a gun control problem?

Ask yourself if any other industrialized, modern country in the world is selling bulletproof backpacks to students because they might just get gunned down on their way to Algebra?

Because America is.

Florida Christian School in Miami-Dade county is now offering parents the $120 optional kevlar insert for their kid's backpacks.

Parent Alex Cejas developed the insert after attending an active shooter drill with the school's head of security, George Gulla.

As well-intentioned as the device is, people on Twitter are finding it utterly depressing that the United States has reached the point where our leadership expects elementary school students to wear Kevlar to class instead of, you know, changing gun laws to protect citizens.

Others are cringing that someone's actually profiting off of the death of children in shooting massacres around the country.

Others are calling our general "acceptance" of gun violence tragic.

It should be pointed out that countries with stricter gun laws also have way fewer mass shootings. CNN compiled an eye opening amalgamation of infographs that show an undeniable correlation to the amount of guns Americans own and the number of gun massacres we suffer as a nation.