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This Woman's Response To Being Called 'Disgusting' Is Getting A Standing Ovation From Twitter

There's no better feeling than finally taking a stand and quitting something you just know you need to quit.

Like a job.


Or a relationship. The best part about quitting something (that's bad for you) is coming up with a spectacular way of doing so.

Which is exactly what this girl did when she tweeted about leaving her (now ex) man who called her "disgusting."





People were YASSS-ing all over the place.

Others said that he was a way.

Others were trying to slide into her DMs.

And all was well, until a challenger appeared. Turns out that someone had alleged screenshots of a conversation that was supposedly between the dude and Mirana, the original poster.

Reportedly, he didn't directly call her disgusting, he said that he found it disgusting when girls get blackout drunk.


Which then sparked a debate about the difference between judging general behavior and judging your significant other in harsh terms.

Which had a bit of blowback.

And then others alleged, in Miranda's ex-bf's defense, that she was known to get very, very tipsy.

And then the drama escalated when Miranda suggested that her ex-bf was a bonafide cheater, to boot.

Ahh, college drama.