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Barack Obama Tweeted His Own Biden-Obama Meme For The Former VP's Birthday

Obama-Biden memes are the cornerstone of bromance jokes on the internet.

So much so that Obama even joked about the special relationship he shares with Joe before awarding Biden the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

But now the former President, who many Americans wish was back in the Oval Office, has decided to add to the ever-growing bestiary of Obama-Biden memes with a meme of his own.

And it was just in time for the former Vice President's birthday.

Twitter absolutely loved the post and gave Biden some Happy Birthday wishes of their own.

Others were just stunned that Obama created a meme.

For some, the tweet was a sign of true friendship, a bond that stands the test of time.

There may be more Obama-Biden memes in the future, as Joe even said himself he's not ruling out a potential 2020 run.