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Christina Aguilera Sings Tribute To Whitney Houston At AMAs--But Not Everyone Enjoyed It

It doesn't take a genius to recognize that Christina Aguilera has a pretty darn good voice.

I mean, remember her Lady Marmalade verse? It was amazing.


The woman can sing.

Aguilera, along with other notable female vocalists, haven't been shy about their love for Whitney Houston, and how much the late singer influenced their own singing. Which is probably why Christina accepted the opportunity to perform a medley of Whitney's songs at this year's AMAs

Those who saw the tribute, however, gave some mixed reviews of Aguilera's performance. Some were big fans.

Others were not so kind.

While others pointed out that fellow professional vocalists weren't feeling it either.

Some conceded that yes, Aguilera is no Whitney, but that doesn't mean the performance is bad, because we'll probably never get another Whitney, ever.

As for Pink, she offered some clarification on the "face" she made during Aguilera's tribute while simultaneously confirming that the two singers squashed their beef a while back.

As for Aguilera, she doesn't seem too concerned with the haters, and released this message, saying she hopes she did Houston proud.

What did you think of her performance?