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NFL Star's Mom Blasts Trump After The President Called Out Her Son On Twitter

Trump thought it'd be a good idea to tweet about NFL players and as usual, it caused some serious drama.

In this case, Donald Trump thought he'd spend his time attacking Marshawn Lynch for standing for the Mexican National Anthem and not the U.S. one.

The president went so far as to call for Lynch's suspension. Why the President of the United States would rather meddle in the dealings of a sports league instead of politics isn't just beyond me, it's beyond Lynch's mother, too.

Which is why she had to respond to the president for coming after her son with a little bit of history that might really, really hurt Trump's feelings.

Like the fact that he was allegedly unsuccessful in his attempts at buying into the NFL.

A fact that people brought up on Twitter and went in extreme detail, after Lynch's mom brought it up.

Even military vets got in on the action.

Others pointed out the integrity of Marshawn Lynch.

And how he gives back to his community.

Others think they might have a new presidential team in 2020.

But I heard that The Rock might have called dibs on that ticket...