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Police Twitter Account Gets The Dad Jokes Rolling After Cheese Truck Flips On Highway

Whoever runs the Twitter account of the NSA Police Department had a slow weekend. Either that, or they're passionately committed to the job. A recent tweet from the account went viral because of an extremely corny dad joke that sounds like it was from the mind of someone who wants a social media position at Wendy's.

Apparently, a truck flipped over on a stretch of highway near Goulburn. And it was full of cheese. You probably know what's coming.

Help! The police are trying to be funny!

You can't make a pun about cheese and not expect people to take up the challenge:

It feels like all of Twitter is my dad right now.

Oh, and if you're wondering, no one was hurt in the cheese spill.

But the pain these police Twitter accounts are inflicting is ongoing.

I hope whoever's in charge is making a lot of cheddar.