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Footage Of Black Friday In The UK Appears On Social Media--And Something Is Very Off

If you're reading this post on Black Friday, it must mean you're done trampling your neighbors at the mall so you can get a widescreen TV for 10 percent off. Going nuts for sales in stores and online is an American tradition, rooted in our deep love of consumerism and deals.

It seems as though corporations are trying to spread the phenomenon of Black Friday to other countries, with mixed results. People are LOLing at this video of a store in the UK opening its door to shoppers in the early a.m., anticipating hordes of desperate people. 

Look at what happens:

Yup. Just one dude. As you can see from the longer video, there are far more personnel than shoppers milling about. Because there was only one guy.

The man's name is allegedly Marcel, and he was supposedly there to pick up his laptop. Everyone's having a good laugh at this enthusiastic dude, who may have just had a flight to catch or something. But they're having a bigger laugh at the powers that be for failing to force Black Friday down everyone's throats:

You can chalk it up to UK citizens being less interested in stuff, but it sounds more like Black Friday deals still kinda stink over there.

Though if you want to see the up side, go for it! time...they'll get you. Oh, they'll get you.

It's happening.