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Mark Wilson/Getty Images
The 'West Wing' Cast Just Slammed Sarah Huckabee Sanders For Her Thanksgiving Tweet

The West Wing famously portrayed the inner workings of a fictional Democratic White House led by fictional Democratic president Jedd Bartlett. Democrats love The West Wing. Like, REALLY love it, irrationally and purely.

So, when Sarah Huckabee Sanders -- press Secretary for a very real Republican president -- decided to invoke a beloved episode of the iconic series, well, it didn't go so well.

Last week, Sanders posted this pic on Twitter:


That scream you heard was the entire Internet shouting "Whutt??"


Including a couple of West Wing cast members, who replied in epic fashion:

And Twitter was so here for it...

The GIF game was on point, of course...

Some felt we'd all be better off if Sanders would only emulate The West Wing IRL...

H/T: Vulture