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Drake Gets Caught Off Guard Pouring A Drink, And Becomes A Meme In The Process

If you're rating hip hop stars on their meme-ability, Drake is definitely at the top.

I mean, I can go on and on about the wonderful assortment of videos that were created from the Hotline Bling music video alone.

And that's only the tip of the Drake-meme iceberg. The artist, NBA devotee, and former teen actor is constantly being featured in all kinds of memes, and he may have just created another one while sitting courtside at a basketball game.

All he was trying to do was pour a drink into a cup without being bothered, but after being put on camera, his reaction suggested that the star was doing a bit of mixing he shouldn't have been doing, or he smuggled in a beverage instead of paying wild fees for a single soda at the concession stand.

Or maybe he was just messing with everyone watching him. Either way, it was a hilarious response and one that became an instant meme.

Some people thought Drake should've just owned up to whatever drank he was mixing.

While others just found his reaction all too relatable.