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Guy Sends Picture Of His Girlfriend To His Mom, Quickly Notices Hilarious Detail

Maison Vallance, a 22-year-old from Tennessee, got together with his new girlfriend, Meghan, about two months ago. And the relationship has been going great, according to Buzzfeed. That was until he decided to  send a photo of his girlfriend to his mom, showing off a new shirt that his mom had gotten for him, thinking it'd be cute.  

He also posted it on Twitter to show off his girlfriend, but Twitter users were quick to notice something.

Vallance understandably panicked. 

Thankfully, mom didn't seem to notice.

Twitter seemed to get a laugh out of the entire incident, though. 

Others just had tips...

Poor mom.

But don't worry, Vallance plans to tell his mom about the mistake, and he's promised to share her response with Twitter. "I think it will be funny and I'll just say, OK, let's forget about this now," Vallance told Buzzfeed