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Walmart Under Fire For T-Shirt With Unsettling And Violent Message Against Journalist

Walmart recently received a complaint about a pretty offensive t-shirt on its website that seemed to be advocating for the violent murder of journalists. The shirt read, "Rope. Tree. Journalist. SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.” Kansas City reports that The Radio Television Digital News Association said it had its Voice of the First Amendment Task Force contact Walmart on Thursday about the shirt, demanding it be taken down.

It worked:

But people are still pretty furious with Walmart.

Many folks are saying they'll be boycotting the organization, and expressing dismay that the shirt was ever for sale at the store:

But it's worth pointing out that the message and shirt have been circulating since 2016, as reported by The Daily Beast. Unsurprisingly, it first became popular at Trump rallies during his campaign. Trump and his followers have a real problem with journalists—probably because they have vetted facts, which seem to be Trump's natural enemy.