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Dad Tweets Ridiculous Conversations He Has With His Daughters--And We Want More

James Breakwell is the father of four daughters, all of whom are under 7. He also has a loving wife and a loving pet pig, so as you can probably imagine, it's a wild household. But from the chaos comes creativity, and some fun Twitter shenanigans.

Breakwell has made something of a name for himself by tweeting out the conversations he has with his girls, who are all about as precocious as they come:

But the popularity of Breakwell's tweets probably has something to do with how relatable they are. Even if you don't shake your head laughing at how wise and sassy these wee babes are, you can probably recognize their curiosity in your own kids. Or heck, in your younger self. Who hasn't wondered what happens to a kangaroos when it jumps on a trampoline?!

I'd wonder if it's stressful to constantly be monitoring your conversations with your kids for tweetable content, but it doesn't seem like these girls will ever run out of fun stuff to say. At the moment, Breakwell has this tweet pinned to the top of his timeline:

Good choice! It's evergreen.