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Billy Calzada
It's Snowing In Texas--And People Everywhere Are Responding With Jokes
5 months ago

When you think of Texas you probably think of things like The Alamo, oil, and cowboys. What almost never comes to mind is snow. 

That's why it's so shocking to learn that parts of southern Texas actually had some significant snowfall this week. Well, significant for Texas, at least. 

The snowstorm, if we can call it that, hit both Houston and San Antonio. Austin was left untouched, despite its promise to keep itself weird. 

Some Texans knew this would be a special moment and leaned into that. 

But most Texans knew this would be the perfect time for jokes. 

Parts of southern Texas are completely shut down, due to the region not have the facilities to deal with any snowfall. So as fun as this is, and it is, let's hope things get back to normal soon. Just not too soon.