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This Debate On The Best Way To Slice Toast Proves People Can't Agree On Anything

4 months ago

When it comes to food, people have some pretty strong opinions, myself included.

So naturally when this university's dining services staff asked people how they should cut their toast, people had some strong opinions. And all of them were different.

Here are the three options presented:

I have to say I'm a big fan of number 1, I mean, that's a classic isosceles cut right there. Something about triangles are really tasty; just ask Toblerone fans.

People generally thought that cuts 1 and 2 were fine, but 3 is, apparently, an abomination to most folks.

I mean, I've never seen cut 3 before myself, but is it really that bad?

I mean, it's the same slice of bread.

It's not like it doesn't have butter on it or anything.

You can still put jam on it and it doesn't change the nature of the food at all.

But apparently 3 wasn't such a departure for some folks.

Everyone clearly had their favorite.

Others shared their personal toast-cutting journeys.

While some swore that geometry impacted flavor and portion size.

So what's your favorite way to cut toast? Or are you more of a wrap person?