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The 20 Gifts Men Actually Want To Receive This Holiday Season
4 months ago

I'm a pretty difficult person to shop for. I don't like owning physical things. Not for some weird hippie reason. It's just because my apartment is too small to hold much stuff. 

I also don't like trying new things because I'm a coward, and I feel weird about accepting cash as a gift. 

So what are people to get me? I tell them not to bother, and fortunately they never do. 

But if you are still struggling to think of what to get a man in your life, you can heed the advice of these fine men. 

7. I'll buy my own fancy lingerie, thank you very much.
9. Nothing like a post-Christmas dinner eating tour.
13. It's like waking up in a time machine!
17. It is a gift you know he is going to use.