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FOX6 News Milwaukee
Reporter Takes A Snowball To Face Right Before Going Live—And Handles It Like A Pro
4 months ago

Part of working in live television is being prepared for anything. You never know what might happen and you always have to be ready to adjust something on the fly. You might suffer from technical difficulties, or you may have a coworker nail you with a snowball right before you're supposed to go on air. 

That's FOX6 News Milwaukee reporter Amy DuPont. Her photographer hit her with a snowball and then claims it was an "accident." Hmm. Seems suspicious. 

 She handled it better than most people would in that situation, and people took note. 

This broadcast reminded viewers of an incident a few years ago when another one of their reporters, Angelica Duria, also had to give a report on snowfall. 

They definitely seem to have a snow problem on their hands. Luckily their reporters have handled it with pure grace.

So it looks like we may get more very real reporting from Fox6 News Milwaukee the next time it snows over Wisconsin. I wonder how long that will be.  

[h/t Mashable]