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People Reveal The Rudest Things People Have Ever Said To Them—And We're Horrified

4 months ago

People can be pretty rude. Whether it's a child who doesn't know better, or a grown up that should. Nicole Cliffe was recently shocked by the exchange that another Twitter user had with their husband's ex-girlfriend...

That exchange prompted Cliffe to ask the people of Twitter the rudest thing anyone has ever said to them. 

And yes, they get people brutal. Cliffe started with her own example. 

Of course, one of the first was from a guy on OKCupid. 

And apparently church can be just as bad. 

Most were from guys, though. 

What does this even mean? 

"He's way out of your league." 

Hell sounds like a pretty cool place. 

Kids are brutal. 

Those were painful.