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Moronic Guy Attempts To Slide Down An Escalator—And It Ended Disastrously

Folks love of watching people fall will never die. That's why those Jackass guys were so popular they got their own show, several spinoffs, and Steve O appeared on Dancing With the Stars. If you're willing to get hit in the genitals on camera, you're a star!

The newest master of disaster is a young man named James Gower, who posted some video of his friend sliding down a London escalator, bannister, hitting himself between the legs, and then catching so much air it looks like he's about to fly into the next dimension. 

Watching it gives me a physical pain:

But apparently, he's all right:

I seriously cannot imagine how that is possible. Please, kids, do NOT try this at home, this boy has got an angel watching over him. 

And everyone loves it:

It's a truly enthralling six seconds of torment. Please, I can't stress it enough, do NOT do this. Not even to go viral.