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Moronic Guy Attempts To Slide Down An Escalator—And It Ended Disastrously
4 months ago

Folks love of watching people fall will never die. That's why those Jackass guys were so popular they got their own show, several spinoffs, and Steve O appeared on Dancing With the Stars. If you're willing to get hit in the genitals on camera, you're a star!

The newest master of disaster is a young man named James Gower, who posted some video of his friend sliding down a London escalator, bannister, hitting himself between the legs, and then catching so much air it looks like he's about to fly into the next dimension. 

Watching it gives me a physical pain:

But apparently, he's all right:

I seriously cannot imagine how that is possible. Please, kids, do NOT try this at home, this boy has got an angel watching over him. 

And everyone loves it:

It's a truly enthralling six seconds of torment. Please, I can't stress it enough, do NOT do this. Not even to go viral.