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This Man Live Tweeted His Dad Destroying Him In Scrabble And It's Hilarious

4 months ago

We all have that one game or activity we're extremely competitive in, especially with our close friends and family members.

For comedy writer Owen Ellickson's father, that game is Scrabble.

Owen thought it'd be a good idea to challenge his dad in Scrabble last Thanksgiving, after a lifetime of never winning a single game against his old man.

He live tweeted the entire thing.

Owen looked like he might have had the game in the bag.

But then things took a turn for the worse.

Ultimately the game went to Dad.

Owen got another chance.

But it ultimately didn't matter. Our boy ended up getting steamrolled...again.

...And again.

But a year later, finally, there was the reckoning. The long awaited rematch between father and son. Would Owen finally get to topple his old man in a battle of words and wits?

There was, of course, another rematch.

The game went a little better than expected. Owen still lost, but this time, by a smaller margin.

Owen had high hopes for the other rematch of the night.

Still a loss, still a closer margin.

That was enough losing in Scrabble for one day.

Cheer up, Owen. There's always next year.