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Woman Asks For Lorde Tickets From Parents And They Made A Hilarious Mistake
4 months ago

We all know that parents aren't exactly up to date with the latest musicians and bands, a fact that Twitter user Jorji Kellogg learned over the holiday break. 

Jorji asked for tickets to see Lorde, the popular singer, but her parents didn't seem to know who that yes...

Yes, she got tickets to a show hosted by televangelist Joel Osteen. Her parents note reads: 

"Dad and I are so proud and happy that you want to grow your faith and spend time with the Lord! Enjoy Pastor Joel Osteen at the Spirit Center!" 

Twitter found the mistake pretty hilarious, and it's already gotten over 18,000 retweets. Here's how people reacted...

Some people can relate. 

Others didn't even see the mistake...

Well, that's hilarious.