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Trump's Latest Threat Perfectly Coincides With Fox News Channel, Obviously

4 months ago

Donald Trump watches a reported 8 hours of TV a day. And a lot of those hours are filled up by Fox News.

The president hasn't made his affinity with the news network a secret. 

Maybe it's because many of the network's anchors and hosts seem to have favorable opinions of the president. Whatever the reason, we know he watches the station religiously. Remember when Fox and Friends asked The White House to flicker the lights if they were watching the program?

Trump seems to get his "intel" from the conservative network, as evinced by this tweet from Matthew Gertz.

Gertz pointed out that 12 minutes after Fox News reported on Kim Jong-Un's nuclear button, Donald Trump went on Twitter to brag about his button being "bigger" than the North Korean leader's.

That's right, the President of the United States, leader of the free world, just hopped on Twitter to brag about the size of his country's nuclear button. He's treating a possible nuclear war like it's a playground pissing contest.

America actually elected this man into the White House, and Twitter can't help but laugh at what politics in the US has become.

Some pointed out that there are some inconsistencies with Trump's claims and his actual practices.

While others came up with a pretty convincing way to just end the debate between the two of them once and for all.

The general consensus though, was a sense of doom and disbelief.

This latest tweet just adds to the long list of evidence that Trump pretty much relies on Fox News for all of his "facts." Many of his tweets directly correlate with Fox News programming, something that many outlets, including the NY Daily News, point out.

Like when he kicked off the new year complaining about Hillary...still.

Or how about earlier in the year when he referenced a fake news story about an incident involving immigrants in Sweden and named Fox News in the tweet?

What's most troubling is that he acknowledged that the Swedish attack was false, yet nearly a year later, he still continues to watch Fox News.

It's no wonder that he's constantly sharing misinformation on Twitter. Like the time he retweeted a video that falsely claims a Muslim migrant beat up a Dutch boy on crutches.

Turns out the boy wasn't a Muslim immigrant at all but a Dutch citizen. Strangely enough, people's outrage diminished after they discovered the dude who was attacking the boy wasn't a Muslim immigrant.

Trump's been President for less than a year, but he's already managed to tell over 10 times the amount of lies in his first 10 months than Obama did in his 8-year stint as Commander in Chief.

What do you think?