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There Was A Fire On Top Of Trump Tower And It Instantly Became A Meme
4 months ago

Just before 7.a.m. on Monday morning, social media users took to Twitter to share photos and videos of what appeared to be a fire coming from Trump Tower in New York City. 

The FDNY responded and later confirmed that the fire was thankfully small, and contained to a heating and cooling unit on the roof of the building. The fire was extinguished, and there were only two minor injuries

Eric Trump tweeted about "a small electrical fire in a cooling tower." 

Following the news that the fire appears to have been a minor incident, the Internet immediately began turning the event into a meme. 

Some users commented that the color of the smoke was white, similar to that used by Vatican officials to indicate the election of a new Pope. An FDNY spokesman explained that due to freezing conditions, the smoke was also mixed with steam

Others saw the event as a metaphor. 

Others pointed out that there had been a small fire at a property of Bill and Hillary Clinton in Chappaqua, New York, last Wednesday

Too soon?