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Pizza Hut / Twitter
'Black Mirror' Fans Are Concerned About Pizza Hut's New Autonomous Delivery Van
3 months ago

At the Consumer Electronics Show this week, Pizza Hut announced that they're partnering with Toyota to create an autonomous delivery van that will drive to a delivery location without a person at the wheel. They hope to get the vans on the road by 2020.

But as anyone who's watched season four of Black Mirror will now, this is a terrible idea. Specifically think of Crocodile, and then look at Pizza Hut's van... 

Look like something that set off a very unfortunate series of events? 

Social media definitely spotted the similarities. 


DiGiorno? They were just DiGiorno. 

But back to the concern...

Others thought of iRobot and other things. 

When will we ever learn?!