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People Share The Biggest Lies Kids Have Told Them And They Are Priceless

Kids are known for playing pretty fast and loose with the truth. Yes, we're sure that your dad does work for Nintendo. Twitter user David Thorpe recently decided to ask his followers the greatest lies that kids have tried to sell to them. 

Yes, there are some real doozies. 

Damn. This one went way too far. 

Seems legitimate. 

An age before the Internet. 

What a win! 



The ninja turtles?!

At least put some effort in. 

The only two official top hats. 

Happens to the best of us. 

That's a long time. 


If only he'd sent it to a record label...


That's where you're going for lying, kid. 

That's called a heart attack. 

Was Jesus as cool as he seems? 

So we have her to blame. 

That's identity theft. 

I'd do it for a Charizard. 

Well, those were inventive.