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Twitter Noticed Something Hilarious About Men On The Covers Of Cook Books

When you buy a cookbook, the chances are you don't spend much time looking at the cover compared with the recipes inside. But while browsing Amazon, a few Twitter users noticed just how weird cook book covers are. Specifically, the covers for a series of books called 'Instant Pot For Now.' Which appear to be a series of recipe books to go alongside a pressure cooker. 

I don't think you're helping much, stock photo husband. 

And yes, there are literally dozens of these out there...

Here's a breakdown by one Twitter user...

Two is a crowd. 

Cutting peppers is hard, we guess. 

Now's not the time. 

Just let her cut vegetables in peace! 

This one is surprisingly normal...

This one is like an optical illusion. 

Does it really take two people to make a salad? 

Unsurprisingly, social media was in hysterics. 

Cooking is hard.