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This Vietnamese Dad Was Humiliated Over His English Skills And The Internet Isn't Having it

There are jobs out there where a perfect command of the English language is a reasonable requirement. There are also a whole lot where it is not, but that doesn't stop racist and xenophobic people from guarding the gates to employment. 

This story from Twitter user @staleboba about how her dad received an offensive email with a threat about his English has set off a firestorm on the Internet. No one is happy with how he was treated, especially since the rejection email wasn't exactly perfect:

She later updated to say her dad wasn't destroyed by this interaction. He was just a bit taken aback.

It wasn't the rejection as much as the tone of the email that offended them both.

Or as she tweeted:

After her dad's story went viral, a lot of people reached out to say that this was textbook workplace discrimination and pretty illegal:

Her dad had been working as a truck driver for 13 years, and was recently laid off. He works on his English every day, but has obviously been a competent employee for years. 

People started calling the company to complain about Bruce Peterson. Some of them were calling the wrong company.

@Staleboba's dad was overwhelmed by the support:

And then they found out that Bruce Peterson had gotten his comeuppence: He'd reportedly been fired.

Many were saying they should push harder and turn it into a lawsuit, but the family didn't want to go that far. @Stableboba shared a message saying thank you and a pic of her dad's English study sheet.

It also looks like this viral thread might help him find a job.

People helping each other is what America should be about.