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11-Year-Old Leaves Notes All Over House Shaming Her Sister's 'Bedroom Noises'

11-Year-Old Leaves Notes All Over House Shaming Her Sister's 'Bedroom Noises'
Updated 4 months ago

Engaging in the perfectly natural art of intercourse isn't anything to be ashamed of.

But why is it that the very thought of one of our family members engaging in such activity repulses us to no end?

If you're ever in the unfortunate position of having to sit through the bedroom noises of one of your family members getting it on, you're more than likely going to do your best to just ignore it.

Or, you could take a page out of this 11-year-old girl's book and plaster your house with notes condemning such "unwholesome" behavior.

And frankly, the notes are absolutely hilarious.

What makes her reaction so funny is how far she took the joke. She wasn't content to just put one or two mentions of hearing her older sister having some alone time with her boyfriend.

When I say she plastered them all over the house, I really do mean all over the house.

She included a bunch of notes that have "sin" written on them. So when her older sister looks into the mirror, she can be reminded of her lustful ways.

Trying to read a book without your sister reminding you of what you put her through? Good luck with that. But that wasn't even the funniest part.

No, her youngest sister was most upset over the fact that her box of Triscuits were sullied.

"Triscuit tainting" is exactly what she called it. This kid is awesome.

It's basically The Scarlet Letter, but with post-it notes.

Some people thought that the notes indicated @SalsaWater's younger sister was genuinely upset, but she clarified that yes, her and her sister have a great relationship and the notes were an elaborate, super-extra, good-natured ribbing.

Way to take something so uncomfortable on the chin, kid.

The only thing that I could imagine that's more awkward than hearing your sibling doing the no pants dance, is walking in on one of your kids doing it. And parents in an AskReddit thread shared some of their experiences with just this same cringe-inducing scenario.

Ok so mine is two in one. When I was a teen I would sneak over to my gf house and get frisky. Her bedroom was normally downstairs but her sister moved out and she moved upstairs to the bigger room which just so happened to be next to her parent room. None of this really crossed my mind. A few days later I'm walking home from work and her dad pulls up to give me a ride. He's was a really cool guy and we are laughing and shoot the breeze, and he makes a stop at the gas station fills up then gets In the car and hands me some cash. Then proceeds to say. How he knows me and his daughter are boning, he isn't gonna try and threaten and scare me as he likes me, I'm a good kids and it's what teens do, but I damn well better not get her pregnant if we aren't married. He assumes we are using protection but to take the cash and go buy some right now for his peace of mind. I awkwardly go in buy a box of condoms and get back in the car give him his change. then he gives me one more rule, I need to help her move the bed away from the wall or I'll be the one replastering it. Then he went back to bullshitting like nothing happened. Awkwardly a few weeks later me and my gf are going to at it at like 3 in the morning, and then there is a banging on the wall "go to bed!". Yeah no more boning in her room after that, especially after I told her about her dad picking me up. 25 years later we are married with 2 kids, and we just recently heard our daughter and her BF . Her BF is a really good kid we've known him since he was a baby went to college with his dad and now work together, who also knows the above story. Her BF just got the same trip to the gas station last weekend. I wonder if I had the same mortified look mixed with a bit of pants shitting terror like he did. His dad knew the trip was coming and thought it was perfect and his gonna hit him with it too. 

- dontdurdur

Some of them are actually kind of touching, believe it or not.

Me and my wife have no kids, but her sister comes over and spends the night with us on occasion. We have a room for her and everything. My wife's mother remarried kinda late in life, so my sister-in-law is far younger than my wife.
Anyway, she was spending the weekend with us, it was late, her sister was in bed, we decided it was time to do the deed. We were having a pretty grand time, if I remember correctly, when her 10 year old sister did that little "knock twice and then pretty much immediately open the door" maneuver you see nurses do, sometimes.
Well the little knock was enough of a warning that I could jump off and roll over, but she came in right as I was in mid roll. Fortunately we were doing it under the covers, so she couldn't see anything.
Anyhow this is more or less how the conversation went...
Sister-in-law: Fred is outside meowing, can I let him in?
Wife: Yeah, just open the door and make sure you lock it back.
Sister-in-law: Can I bring him in my room?
Wife: If you want to, but he'll probably want out after a little while.
Sister-in-law: Ok.... were you guys having sex?
Wife: Umm... I mean... ... I guess we ..uuhh...
Sister-in-law: Some people would think that's gross, but I think it's beautiful.
And then she left. 

- CDC_ 

I'd like to think I'd be a cool parent in this situation, but I really don't know if I could manage the same poise as @SalsaWater's kid sister. Here's hoping I do.