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People Can't Decide If They Love Or Hate This Cheese Soaked In Wine

People Can't Decide If They Love Or Hate This Cheese Soaked In Wine
Updated 4 months ago

If you've ever watched an episode of Chef's Table, you can't help but marvel at how these cooks come up with new flavor profiles by combining foods you would never think could pair well with one another.

Like sweet melon and caviar? Who would ever put those two things together? And why does it taste so good? Thanks to industrious, food-obsessed minds, humanity's been gifted a lot of yumminess.

That being said, there are some food combinations that should never be attempted, in my opinion. Like Swedish Fish Oreos.

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But what about less obviously egregious food combinations? Like, wine and cheese.

The two pair together quite nicely, don't they?

So, in theory, soaking an entire wheel of cheese in wine should be delicious, right?

It's not like some dude's just concocting these in his backyard or anything, either. La Casearia Carpenedo in Northern Italy knows what they're doing when it comes to their formaggio, capisci?

But there are people who are divided on this "drunken cheese." Some are all for it.

Because two things that pair perfectly, when combined, should be amazing, no?

Well these people, think there's nothing grosser than this unholy alliance.

Going so far as to calling the stuff vomit-inducing.

And to be perfectly honest, I mean, I don't know how to react to it myself.

On the one hand I could see it being pretty amazing. But once people start talking about the way it looks, and barfing, I can then see myself absolutely hating it.

As dumb as "drunken cheese" may or may not be, it can't be worse than the avocado latte.

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