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J.K. Rowling Is Telling Aspiring Writers How To Get It Done One Tweet At A Time

J.K. Rowling Is Telling Aspiring Writers How To Get It Done One Tweet At A Time
Updated 4 months ago

The Harry Potter series has inspired many children and adults in the decades since it was published. Some were inspired to read more, some to write, some to cosplay being wizards. What's important is that J.K. Rowling has stimulated many young minds.

And she is still trying to help the folks looking up to her who are pounding away at the keyboard and wondering when they're gonna make that break through. On Tuesday, Rowling very graciously answered some questions about her writing process as though just anyone can turn themselves into her. Like, did she plan everything before she wrote it and became a millionaire? Basically, yes.

How does she physically record the words? Is there a magic spell involved? No. She uses Word, too.

Her advice about general anxiety is extremely zen:

More questions about planning. Maybe plan to read her timeline before asking a question.

Rowling let William Faulkner answer this one, because most famous authors have been asked how they became famous authors:

But most people wanted to know more about Rowling's novel that she is currently working on. Like, where is it? Why is it taking so long?

Then someone tried to "Actually..." her. Are you kidding me? This is J.K. ROWLING!

She's got an answer for everything.

Even just to statements:

All that talent and success and she's still got love to send kids who are discovering their hatred of Dolores Umbridge for the first time.

And that's how you get success.