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These Sarcastic 'Secret Texting Codes' For Parents Are Hilarious

These Sarcastic 'Secret Texting Codes' For Parents Are Hilarious
Updated 4 months ago

It's hard keeping up on all the terminology of the youngsters these days. The fact that I admit that makes me seem like an old fogey (spoiler alert: in many ways I am, indeed, a curmudgeon) and it's the old fogeys of the world that ultimately become the butt of young people's "OMG they're so out of touch" jokes.

And I'm fine with that, I get the role that I'm slowly easing into of being a "too old to understand" person, just as long as the stuff I don't understand is superficial and topical, then I'm good to go.

But I'm not so old that I don't grasp the concept behind abbreviated "text speak" which was more of a thing when people were rocking feature phones with alpha-numeric keyboards.

So, in order to roast those older folks who have no idea what the "secret texting" life of the young'uns are, people began coming up with the "real" meanings behind these shortened phrases.

And quite frankly, they're absolutely hilarious.

The meme is a direct response to alarmist articles put out that warn parents about the sexually charged code words their children could be using when talking about sex...right under your nose!

So instead of "Is your child texting about sex?" you get beautiful little treasures like:

It's pretty much the best new meme.

Because there clearly isn't some secret text code language agenda that a unit of teen corrupters have created and disseminated by proxy.

The best part about these memes is that they're getting really specific.

Or they address more large scale issues.

To be perfectly honest, I'd want to know if my kids were into that last Transformers movie. Because if they were, then there's the business of immediately disowning them because The Last Knight was hot garbage, if you ask me.

And we wouldn't want those lame-o AP Bio kids messing spreading their, you know, biological propaganda or whatever.

Or even worse yet: your kids are closet fantasy nerds.

Or the worst of worst: Babysitters Club Fans! GAH!

But if you are worried about your kids becoming more "woke" than you would like, then this meme might actually scare you.

The original post about secret Olive Garden keywords actually garnered some interest from the chain restaurant.

Which got other people jealous and wanting some of that sweet OG action.

And they delivered in a big way.

Memes truly are making the world a better place.