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This Reporter Shared A Sexist Comment She Got On The Job And The Floodgates Opened

The workforce is not always a welcoming place for women. Though things have certainly changed, preconceived notions about what sorts of positions women hold in an office are pretty deeply engrained—as is general sexism. Most women who have encountered some pretty ridiculous assumptions from people at work, and while they're kind of a bummer when they happen, getting together to laugh about it is cathartic.

Reporter Nicola Bartlett tweeted about a man questioning who she was after she called him with a question. He assumed she was calling on behalf of another reporter, you see. A MAN reporter.

This is apparently a common occurrence.

Other women journalists jumped in to share similar experiences:

Someone tried to blame robots for this issue, which is very unfair to robots.

But it's not just journalism where women are suspected of being job-having posers. All sorts of women got weird comments on the job. Sometimes even sitting in the wrong place means you'll be treated as someone's secretary:

You'd think the library would be a neutral place. It's not.

In government, at the movies, in school...

Some of the stories are actually funny, like this woman who acted as secretary to herself.

There is no shame in being a secretary, but there is definitely shame in assuming what someone's job is based on their gender. Because you'll just play yourself.