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This Dad Had A Hilariously Innocent Response To His Daughter's 'Lady Issues'

This Dad Had A Hilariously Innocent Response To His Daughter's 'Lady Issues'
4 months ago

Men can be hilariously naive when it comes to 'lady issues.' Even fathers, who you think would have enough experience when it comes to women to understand what their daughters are talking about. But as it turns out, some fathers are just as innocent as ever. 

Meet 25-year-old Kiera Platt from Long Island, New York. Being best friends with her dad, Mitch Platt, she recently texted him to let him know that she had to leave work early because her uterus wouldn't give her a break. 

Here's his response, and we can't tell if it's a dad joke or if he's just adorably clueless.  

But judging by his reaction to the tweet getting over 18,000 retweets and 68,000 likes, he's a talented comedian. 

Kiera explained to Buzzfeed that the texts were a series of terrible dad jokes, and not a misunderstanding of female anatomy. 

"He's the master of 'dad jokes. He's never failed at being awkwardly funny," she said. "When I was a teenager I used to feel embarrassed by it but now I embrace it. I couldn't imagine his sense of humor being any other way."

Mitch has a history of sending Kiera hilarious tweets. 

Others are attempts at being motivational. 

Unsurprisingly, Twitter is now in love with Mitch.

People are ready for him to get fighting. 

Others were just as confused as we were.

Most just thought he was adorable. 

Keep being you, dad.