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This Grandpa Leaves Love Notes Around The House And People Are Obsessed

If you've been with someone for decades, then you can start to run out of ways to show the other person you love them. But that's obviously not an issue for Leah Farrelly's grandma and granddad. Farrelly recently took to Twitter to share an adorable tradition her granddad has. 

Every day, he'll leave notes in random places around the house reminding his wife just how much she means to him. 

Whether it's on the shopping list...


Tucked into the paper. 


Or her wallet. 


Farrelly's mother explained in a text message...

"They just appear when you are reading a book on a line or anywhere. Might have been written days before on a different chapter you have still to come to. Newspapers."

Farrelly explained on Twitter that the two have known each other since they were 14, which just makes this even more adorable. 

And despite this being a tradition that's been happening for years, she's just hearing about it now. 

Unsurprisingly, people are in love with the idea. 

Some people nearly broke into tears. 

Others wanted the same kind of treatment. 

Other guys are going to have to step up. 

Too cute.