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Folks Are Feeling Things About This Dad Showing Up For His Daughter On Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and some of us are feeling a little anxiety about being remembered on this special holiday dedicated to being loved and getting presents. It may be a made up holiday to sell Hallmark cards, but baby wants candy!

Twitter user @ClassiestQueen shared a story that went viral about being a kid and absolutely sick with worry that she wouldn't get a Valentine's day gift at school. She begged her dad to let her stay home on the big day, but he made her go to school. And then she got a big surprise.

Dad came through! I agree that having a dad be kind and supportive makes a big difference in their kid's development. But I also get weirded out by dads having to be proto-romantic partners?? Maybe that's just me, but this is a sweet story.

Lots of people were crying because it reminded them of their own incredible dads who have shown up for them every year:

But other people are crying because they do not freaking relate to this story at all:

Look, Valentine's Day just brings up a lot of feelings.