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This Awkward Selfie Kid Accidentally Won The Entire Super Bowl

This Awkward Selfie Kid Accidentally Won The Entire Super Bowl
Updated 3 months ago

This year's Super Bowl, like nearly every big game in recent history, was just packed with moments that were perfectly meme-worthy.

Like the hilarious Tide ads starring David Harbour, who's solidified his role as America's cool uncle.

But there were some unintentionally hilarious things that happened during the game that people couldn't help but laugh at. Like Kevin Hart trying to sneak his way into the Eagles' locker room to celebrate, and getting denied.

Now I could go on and on about the plenty of worthy best-meme contenders from the Super Bowl this year, but they all paled in comparison to awkward selfie kid.

Just what was he doing on his phone?

Everyone started jumping on the selfie kid bandwagon, with TV shows using it as a hilarious promotional tool.

With others putting forth some more relatable scenarios.

Was he checking out footage of superior halftime shows?

Or was he trying to stay woke about the constant plight of the modern feminist movement?

I mean, he had to have known he'd be a meme.

Just imagine being in that position.

People scrutinizing your choice in cell phone accessories.

As awkward as he was on TV, at least he managed to snap this incredible photo.

Heck, even if his hometown team lost the Super Bowl, he can hold his head up high knowing he's the best meme to come out of the big game.

And they are some pretty darn good memes.

Thank you, Selfie Kid. You made a lot of people happy this Super Bowl.