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Woman Dares Ladies Of Twitter To Ask Their Crushes Out For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and in order to encourage some romance, relationships blogger Simply Oloni from London in the United Kingdom decided to challenge her female Twitter followers to break with tradition and ask their crushes if they wanted to be their Valentine this year. 

Thankfully for the rest of us, she also asked them to post screenshots of their responses. 

It was a pretty mixed bag to say the least. This user got quite a few responses. 

It didn't go so well for others. 

Some victims suspected that it was all a trap. 

It really seemed to work out for some people, though. 

Others? Not so much. 

Some seemed unenthusiastic. 


What an adorable response. 

It's just a holiday created by corporations to take your money. 

When's the wedding? 

Math is hard. 

The poem must have taken his breath away. 

He doesn't deserve you. 


What a plan. 

Are you going to take part in this Valentine's Day challenge?