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Everyone Is Super Confused By This Question About Macaroni And Cheese
2 months ago

Most of us don't spend time thinking about mac and cheese because we're too busy shoving it into our mouths with unhinged delight. But someone has asked a questioned that is haunting Twitter. It's like the chicken and the egg scenario—which came first—but about cheesy pasta.

Twitter user @cloutboyjojo asked, "so is macaroni and cheese "mac" because it’s short for macaroni...or is it because 'mac' is an acronym for macaroni and cheese," and everyone's brain broke.

Some people were stunned and horrified, either because they found this question unbelievably stupid or incredibly smart:

Some offered some compelling alternate theories:

But most people just gave the real answer, over and over and over:

All right, relax, buzzkills. Mystery solved. But this double cheese suggestion actually sounds pretty good!