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People Think The Weird Stuff They Did As Kids Predicted Who They Became As Adults

There are certain stories your parents will tell you about yourself over and over, until they're practically legend. My mom insists that once we were in a restaurant and she was worried about leaving me so she could use the restroom. I assured her, "Don't worry mom, I'll keep an eye on myself." She loves this story of child neglect!!

By the logic of this Twitter viral thread, that means I am an extremely independent person. Twitter user @Christinaemoss asked for everyone to share childhood anecdotes that they felt showed a lot about who they are. It's the perfect mix of sharing family stories and self-analysis.

The responses to @Christinaemoss's thread show that there are all sorts of people in the world, and they're already pretty developed as kids—who will eventually become weird adults.

There are people who couldn't handle the truth:

Some moved too fast:

Some are natural caretakers:

Some are potentially future serial killers?

Some just gotta be right about everything:

Some are unintentionally creepy:

Some are extremely morbid:

Some are workaholics:

Some are ready for stardom:

Some are vigilantes:

Some are blasphemous:

Some lie for the cause:

And some have delusions of grandeur:

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