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People Are Sharing What They Think Happens After Death In GIF Form And It Seems Not Bad

In between watching episodes of The Bachelor and writing blog posts, I often contemplate my mortality. We all do, even the people who are very sure there's something great waiting for them in the afterlife. But if there is something, what it is it? Can social media tell me?

Podcast and TV host Georgia Hardstark asked her followers to tell her what they think happens after they die, but they could only express it in GIF form. This is actually the perfect request, because everyone on Twitter is obsessed with GIFS and also hideously morbid.

The answers are pretty much what you'd expect from people if you asked that question in person: they're going to haunt the people who wronged them, they're going to heaven, hell, or a big blank nothingness. Except, because it's GIFS, Kevin from The Office is there.

Some figured there would be cats. Lots of cats.  

I don't think that's what happens. 

Others are taking lessons from The Lion King.

Others are coming back for their families. 


We hope not. 




Sign us up. 

What do you think happens? Words only.